Discover the luxury homes of interior designers!

Discover the luxury homes of interior designers!

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Have you ever wondered what the house of an interior designer looked like? Well, we are once and for all satisfying your curiosity with a peek inside the luxury homes of 3 interior designers. Wait no longer and discover it here!

A sneak peek in the luxury home of Jonathan Adler.

Discover the luxury homes of interior designers!

Becky Shea’s neutral home

The vision for Becky Shea’s luxury home was to create a simple open-concept space. She wanted the space to reflect her organic-modernist aesthetic and at the same time, she wanted it to include her love for New York and the beauty of California.

The neutral kitchen of Becky Shea's luxury home.

When you take a look at the rooms, you can see that the neutrals fit together seamlessly with richer, darker accents and that the use of many textiles and accessories create an extra warm, inviting vibe to her home. The design scheme is as Shea says: “Calm, earthy and layered”.

Becky Shea's luxury home includes custom designs like the console table in the living room.

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s eclectic fantasy

When looking at Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s luxury home there only come three words to our minds: colourful, eclectic and memorable. Which is exactly what Jonathan wanted to achieve. His buzzwords were: “Bold, glamorous and memorable”. For him, their home was about amping up their style and most definitely not dialing back.

Jonathan Adler and Simon's eclectic dining room in their luxury home.

Their home became a museum of the greatest finds over the past quarter-century. From an iconic vintage Paul Evans four-poster bed to a flea-market bust of Michael Jackson. They also added lots of sentimental pieces like the Bjørn Wiinblad chalice they bought on their first trip together in Denmark. Of course, as a designer, some of Jonathan’s pieces had to find a place in their home like the Surrealist porcelain vases, some of which had some ostrich feathers in their design.

Also to be found in the eclectic dining room of their luxury home are some fun and colorful glass works.

How it all fits together in the end? Jonathan used a varied oeuvre but there were no real supporting actors. The thing that made every piece stand out yet fit together seamlessly is the fact that they love everything they added to their luxury home!

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The living room of the luxury home by Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan has their fun finds but also their sentimental finds.

Carolyn Pressly’s fun family home

After closing the deal on a condo in Tribeca, Carolyn started her renovations of the space.

“The original space was very dark and cavernous, the layout was weird and there was no overhead lighting. It felt oddly large but had no flow”

Says Carolyn on her first observations of the space.

She stripped down the entire surface of the home, added custom doorways and created four separate wings to reimagine the architecture and to create a better flow throughout her new luxury home.

The luxury home of Carolyn Pressly has a some fun yellow sofa's in the living room.

The wings itself all have their own aesthetic and have all gotten some traditional European influences and nomadic materials. Overall the home has a bold, clean-lined use of space and comes together with the modern spin on the old-world. As you can see the home clearly translates her wanderlust in the use of fun fabrics, textures and furniture pieces from all over the globe.

The kitchen of Carolyn's luxury home has lamps that have influences from other cultures and are a wink to her travels.

Because her two kids also have a place in her home, Carolyn tried to add some fun to her designs while still keeping the eclectic spaces refined and well balanced between old and new.

The office of Carolyn's luxury hom also has some European vibes in the rug they chose for the space.

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