Feminine Tones to Get You Inspired!

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Despite what the name may suggest, feminine tones aren’t just for women! Pink (in its many different tones), peach, coral and rose are some of the most popular feminine tones, often used to create a relaxed, romantic or unique vibe. When used in the right way, whether that be furniture featuring them, painting the walls a specific colour or even both, using feminine tones is a fantastic way to decorate a space, elevating it to a whole other level.

Check out these amazing designs using feminine tones and allow yourself to get inspired!

Stylish bedroom using feminine tones

Featuring a pastel pink decor, this bedroom from Essential Home is incredibly elegant and cosy. This tone of pink is one of our favourite feminine tones, as it can seemingly make any environment more relaxed and classy. Anyone would be fortunate to have a bedroom like this, regardless of their gender.

Luxurious living room with feminine tones

This living room featuring varying pastel pink tones is very impressive. The design perhaps best exemplifies how versatile feminine tones are in combining with other colours. The wall decor gives off relaxing vibes, whilst the gold of the Fitzroy Sofa and KOI Center Table from BRABBU add an extra touch of class.

Unique living room featuring feminine tones furniture

Feminine tones can also be well applied in quirkier, more unique designs, like this one from Boca do Lobo, showcased during Milan Design Week 2019. The differing tones of pink on the furniture and the distinctive flamingo decorations add to such an extraordinary living room design.

Luxurious living room with feminine tones

This Essential Home living room featuring feminine tones is bright and positive. Coupled with such high quality furniture, feminine tones make spaces like this luxurious, relaxing and vibrant all at the same time.

Feminine tones bed creating a great contrast

Another amazing thing about these colours is that they are perfect for creating beautiful contrasts with darker colours, like black or blue. The velvet pink bed frame works perfectly against the warm black shade, adding an extra touch of character, using a unique but stylish colour combination.


This article shows many of the design ideas that can be achieved by the use of feminine tones. Used for elegance, relaxed vibes, to allow furniture to stand out and to create sensational contrasts, we certainly rank feminine tones amongst our top design trends. We strongly recommend you to get in touch with your feminine side when it comes to designing, regardless of your gender!

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