Mid-Century Modern Designs to Inspire You!

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Despite originating in 1945 after the end of the Second World War, the style that is mid-century modern has survived and is still popular today amongst interior designers. With sleek and uncluttered lines, mid-century modern is so popular due to its ‘less is more’ characteristic. When done right, the style can make a space as memorable and luxurious as the most extravagant, daring style can.

Classy mid-century modern bedroom

This mid-century modern bedroom shows that sometimes less really is more. With an emphasis placed on functionality as much as on aesthetic, this space fits both of these criteria. Classic meets modern in this bedroom with traditional materials like wooden flooring and more modern materials like gold plated table legs.

Mid-century modern hallway

This hallway typifies mid-century modern design. Whilst the sideboard, like the flooring, is made from wood, it is unique in shape, and culminates with the snazzy shades of blue to create a wonderful mashup of modern and classical design ideas.

Mid-century modern dining room

This mid-century modern dining area shows everything that is so good about the style. The mid-century style of the chairs combines well with the more modern Delightfull lighting and the patterned light silver floor. Despite mid-century modern being a style that is centred on simplicity, it is one of the harder styles to pull off, because it is about combining two contrasting styles successfully.

Mid-century modern bedroom

With suspension lighting in the form of the Turner pendant from Delightfull and the adventurous Guggenheim nightstands from Boca do Lobo, this mid-century bedroom is given a modern twist. Another example of why mid-century modern is still such a popular style, this bedroom has a bit of everything.

Mid-century modern living room

This mid-century modern living room from Essential Home is another reason why we love this style so much. The classical, sophisticated style of furniture accompanies the clean lines, no-fuss lines perfectly. It only goes to show that luxury can be achieved with simplicity over complexity.


The most exciting thing about the mid-century modern style is that it will be around for many years to come. It has always been able to adapt to new design trends without compromising the mid-century design values. Because mid-century modern is a style with such a wide pool of inspirations to draw from, it is hard to see the style ever going out of fashion. Keep an eye out for our mid-century modern design inspirations and get inspired!

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