urban modern livingroom

How you can use Urban Modern Style in your Living Room!

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The Urban Modern Style is perfect for cosmopolitan living, it’s always on-trend and creates the perfect glamorous and comfortable ambiance that pairs perfectly with the skyscrapers while creating your own oasis in the inside the city. Living rooms decorated with this urban modern style are just stunning, so today we want to inspire you with some urban modern style living rooms!

Urban Modern Style living rooms

Urban modern bright living room

White walls and neutral furniture are a simple way to incorporate this style into your home. The colors of the furniture add a little spice to the room and make it more inviting, making it the calming space a living room has to be!

urban modern living room

On this Mahir Shahmar project we can see how a brick wall can easily add the urban modern style to the room. Even if it is just a wallpaper, the bricks will give an effortless and stylish look that pairs perfectly with black lamps, like the Vellum Suspension Lamp by Delightfull.

Darker Urban Modern Style

urban modern dark living room

If you prefer darker ambiances, this masculine and modern living room is for you! The wood walls give a special look to the room and pair perfectly with black decor, like this Coltrane Suspension Lamps by Delightfull!

Urban Modern Style Corner

urban modern corner

This black and white corner elevates this style to the most cool and comfortable state. It is part of the Ravenswood Residence project designed by Essential Home, and as always the lamps take a big part in this ambiance. The Sinatra Floor Lamp by Delightfull is the perfect accessory to create this cozy look.

As you can see, three main tools to keep in mind while creating this style are neutral colors, black lamps, and brick walls. These tools can be used combined or by itself, and they will help you incorporate this style and make your room so stylish!

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We hope you liked these ideas and got inspired to incorporate the urban modern style into your living room! We showed you how to use it in your living room but you can expand it all over your house. This style is perfect for homes in big cities but it will look amazing anywhere!

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