Lighting trends of 2019? Delightfull’s Turner collection has it all!

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This year there is a trend towards the revival of Mid-century and art deco lightning pieces. As such you should definitely check out these fabulous mid-century lighting pieces. Discover Delightfulls amazing Turner collection here!

A moodboard with all the pieces in the Turner collection.

Lighting trends of 2019? Delightfull’s Turner collection has it all!

Turner Collection

Named after the famous Tina Turner, the mid-century lighting collection will turn as many heads as she did with her electric dance moves and amazing hit songs. For Delightfull she inspired a full collection of lamps.

Clean lines

Following the trend of clean lines, the 5 large arcs made in brass that can be moved in any direction you would like are the most notable features of the Turner Floor lamp. The lamp is finished off with an aluminium lacquered glossy semi-spherical top cover. This beautiful art deco lamp is ideal to place inside a hotel lobby or lounge.

The Turner floor lamp in a lounge area.

Soft gold

Besides the Floor lamp, you also have the Turner Table lamp. The table lamp is handmade in brass and aluminium and has a soft gold-plated body finish. Just as the Floor lamp, the lamp has a semi-spherical top cover which you can order in multiple colours. The inside of the top cover follows the soft gold trend as it is coated in a gold powder paint to give a nice glow to the room. This versatile piece can be used in almost any room of the house with ease, you can add it to your office as a desk lamp or as a table lamp of one of your console tables.

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The Turner Table lamp is lighting up the room.

Bigger better

Of course, no Delightfull lamp collection is complete without a suspension or pendant lamp. The Turner Pendant lamp also has the five movable arches aluminium and they are also covered in a gold plated finish. It may look like a small lamp but when the 5 arches are divided it will become a totally different piece. This will also give the Pendant lamp an extra wow factor, which follows the bigger better trend to a T. In the centre of the pendant, a small shade in a lacquered, matte colour finishes of the piece. This lamp is easily used all through the house but a fun way to incorporate the piece in your house is by using it as an alternative to a bedside lamp.

The Turner Pendant lamp is very versatile and can even serve as a fun bedside lamp.

Turner Wall lamp has it all

A last piece in the Turner collection is the Turner Wall lamp. Just as the pendant lamp, the wall lamp has a small lamp shade in lacquered aluminium with a matte white finish. Made in handmade brass, the lamp has an elegant and sophisticated touch and fits flawlessly in a mid-century house. The wall lamp is ideal as an entrance light or above a sideboard. Just as the other pieces in the collection the Turner Wall lamp has clean lines, a soft golden finish and gives you an extra wow factor with its movable arches. The Turner collection just got it all!

The Turner Wall Lamp includes all the trends of this year.

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