Neutral Colours To Get You Inspired!

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Neutral colours are often used by many of the world’s top interior designers, and for good reason. They often make a space look both luxurious and cosy, which is often difficult. Subtle colour combinations can make a room’s design very simple and very classy. Take a look at this collection of wonderful spaces that use neutral colours and get inspired!

Neutral colours being used well in this bedroom

This beautiful bedroom in Moscow, Russia, designed by Russian interior designer Ekaterina Lashmanova in collaboration with Boca do Lobo subtly uses neutral colours, which make the bedroom look very cosy and very stylish. The simple colours allow the quality of the furniture do the talking.

A classy living room using neutral colours

This high end luxury interior design shows how well neutral colours allow the natural lighting of a room stand out. This space from Boca do Lobo uses neutral colours for the walls and furniture which makes the room look very luxurious. Featuring the Odette Sofa and the Lapiaz Oval Center Table, this living room is made beautiful by such subtle, neutral colouring.

Neutral colours combined with blue in this NYC apartment

This New York City apartment shows how well neutral colours can be combined with other colours, like blue. White, light grey and beige are combined to give off a minimalist touch in interior design.

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Neutral colours living room

We can’t overlook neutral colours like beige, and the pinkish tones in this living room from Boca do Lobo. This living room is very simplistic, but that is the beauty of it and neutral tones in general! Neutral colours can also make individual pieces stand out, which can be seen here with Boca do Lobo’s stunning Robin Mirror.

Luxurious living room with neutral colours

One neutral colour that we haven’t mentioned yet is black. Often used to create an eye-catching contrast with lighter shades such as white and grey. Used here, with the Soho Black Coffee Table, this room is very luxurious and shows how good neutral colours are in creating subtle contrasts.

All of these spaces show how effective neutral tones can be when designing a space. It’s no great surprise that they are so popular amongst the world’s best interior designers.

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