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Fernanda Marques is a Brazilian interior designer. Unquestionably one of the best interior designers in Brazil, her projects reflect the best design trends of each year. Fernanda Marques, born and educated in São Paulo, makes it no secret that she absolutely loves what she does for a living. “What I love most about my job is the possibility of making people be touched by the beauty of my projects, or simply making people be touched by the beauty of my projects, or simply be challenged by them”. Such a strong passion for design and for pleasing her clients can only be a positive for her.

Interior designer, Fernanda Marques

Her style

Fernanda Marques, like any top interior designer communicates with her clients. After all, the most important thing is to know the person who you are designing for and what they want! Fernanda Marques proudly states: “I am totally against the speech of ‘tendencies’ because I believe it takes away the singularities of each place and each professional”.

Despite being against the idea of having tendencies in design, Fernanda Marques does have one. The tendency to consistently create stylish, modern spaces.

Top projects

London Penthouse

London Penthouse designed by Fernanda Marques

This London penthouse designed by Fernanda Marques is absolutely sublime. Using muted tones of white and grey, with stylish and modern furniture, this living room shows just what a great eye for design she has.

London Penthouse, designed by Fernanda Marques

This lounge area is very impressive. Whilst comfortable and luxurious with classy leather sofas in front of the television, it is also very functional with an office-style area with a desk by the windows.

London Penthouse, designed by Fernanda Marques

This en-suite bedroom is another great example of why Fernanda Marques is such an outstanding interior designer. Modern in design, but equally as cosy, how could you not be envious that this isn’t your bedroom? The en-suite bathroom runs with the dark grey theme, and is just as luxurious as the bedroom.

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Oskar, São Paulo

São Paulo residence, designed by Fernanda Marques

This open-plan living room shows what we meant when we said that Fernanda Marques’ main tendency is her consistency in creating amazing spaces. Neutral colours once again combine wonderfully with trendy, modern furniture in order to allow the natural light to make the room vibrant and attractive.

São Paulo residence, designed by Fernanda Marques

This bedroom’s greatest strength is its simplicity. With smooth wooden floorboards, comfortable furniture and once again giving the natural light the ability to illuminate the room, Fernanda’s prowess is shown again here.


Bucharest residence, designed by Fernanda Marques

Another open-plan living room, there is a real vibrancy given to the room by the subtle colours used. This space is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends and family, gatherings, and even parties!

Bucharest residence, designed by Fernanda Marques

The dining area of this property is another great place to spend time with your nearest and dearest. Modern yet simple in design, it looks out onto a beautiful patio with trees and plants aplenty.

The future

Having created countless amazing interior designs, it would be easy for Fernanda Marques to rest on her laurels and sit back, but she is doing the exact opposite. “I would say that I am a successful professional, but there is much more that I can achieve”, she says. It is this motivation that has, does and will continue to bring her success.

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